Volunteer and Help Your Community

Have you any spare time?
Are you getting bored?
Do you want to help the community of Rubery?
Then why not become a volunteer?

Rubery PACT has produced an environmental audit form, which is easy to fill in.

It will be used to report broken street lamps, pot holes, fly-tipping, graffiti, rubbish collection in corners and all other issues that affect Rubery wellbeing, all to make Rubery a cleaner, better and brighter community. We cannot blame the council if they are not made aware of a problem.

Some items are small and can be dealt with by residents [like yourself] BUT only when they are noticed.

Don’t grumble – deal with it.

Another way you can help [or be helped] is by contact US – Rubery Community Website and offer, or request help. An example would be – a resident who enjoys gardening, put in touch with Rubery in Bloom, or helping tidy the garden or hedges of a resident who can no longer cope. We will try and bring together problems that the council afford to do, or is outside their remit, and people who can – together – tackle the problems.

The car park behind the Co-op is private [a London landlord] – therefore the council cannot litter pick or tidy that area, or put down weed killer, so can you help by tiding a small area?

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