PACT stands for Partners and Communities Together.

It gives you the chance to tell your local policing team, councillors and other partner agencies about the issues causing you concern within your neighbourhood and which ones should be given priority for attention.

Once those attending a PACT meeting agree on the top priorities, those parties who are able to address the issues will take action to resolve them where possible.

Issues raised can vary significantly and are not necessarily ones for the police to resolve, but common examples include graffiti, vandalism, speeding, dog fouling, parking, young people gathering, anti-social behaviour, drinking in the street, noise late at night and litter.

Have Your Say

The management of PACT is tailored to meet the needs of each local community and you can raise your concerns at regular PACT meetings.
The next meeting in Rubery is scheduled as follows and you are encouraged to attend and participate in the debate on our communities issues.

The next PACT meeting is at 7pm on Monday 6th June at the Hawthorns Social Club, Rednal Hill Lane, Rubery Website

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