Pride of Longbridge 2016 MG Rover Show Cofton Park.

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This video shows the 2016 Pride of Longbridge Car Rally that took place on Lowhill Lane when the official event in Cofton Park had to be cancelled due to poor ground conditions.
A large variety of Austins, Rovers, MGs, & Morris cars, etc. turned up. Other owners that did not make it as far as POL, held gatherings at Gaydon, Oxford, Coventry, Hopwood Services, etc. but for those that completed the journey, they were rewarded for it, as everyone I spoke to still had a great day out.
The weather was dry throughout the day, and a constant rolling motor show was taking place on Lowhill lane which just added to the fun 😉

Many thanks go to the organisers, the marshals, the ex-workforce, MG, all those who brought cars, and everyone else who attended.

This is now the show to attend for all MG, Austin and Rover owners, etc.

The event has always been free to enter or attend, so please come along to a future event, although if someone shakes a charity/donation bucket at you then please do not be afraid to make a donation if you can.

Please note as this event was official cancelled, it may well be rescheduled for later in the year. …bonus!!!

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